A Few Words

About Us


A Few Words About Us

We are humans helping other humans.  We believe in a higher power, which is the X factor in all that is possible.  

We see the rippling effects of Food Insecurity.

God created the seeds of every plant. Instructions were given to every seed on when and how to grow.  These instructions did not come from mankind. That fact alone should cause us to eliminate withholding seeds from other human beings.

We owe our nutritional existence to seeds that yield fresh fruits and vegetables.   

We have allowed humans to own and control and withhold that which God has provided to all.

The idea and process of withholding the very seeds for food is only ONE factor which leads to malnutrition & death.

We have a higher purpose of life. That purpose to is to know God and to worship him. This worship is demonstrated by striving for excellence in the service of humanity.  We must be aware of the needs of humanity at the time in which we live in order to best serve humanity during our time on this planet.

A sign exists for everything. Malnutrition of over 1.3 billion people is a sign of souls not have access to nutritious foods.

We intend on promoting Food Security Solution for individuals, families, business & governments.


The need of soil to grow plants is no longer true.   Soilless Gardening has allowed humanity to grow food in Space.  Multiple systems of Aeroponics exists can be used as Food InSecurity Solutions.

Take this journey and rely upon the same technology that Astronauts use to provide independent nutrients while in space.

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